EU Exit tax update

28th October 2019 Update

It currently seems unlikely that the UK will leave the EU, with or without a deal, before 31st January 2020. At this time, no changes to Oracle will be implemented and transactions should be entered into as at present. The Tax Team continue to monitor the legislation and develop training plans for when the outcome is more clear.

UK VAT (after Brexit)

Current government guidance is clear that:

  • The UK will continue to have its own VAT system
  • VAT rules relating to domestic (within the UK) transactions will continue to apply as currently
  • The aim will be to keep VAT procedures "as close as possible to what they are now"
  • There will be "some specific changes" to rules and procedures to transactions between the UK and EU member states
a)  VAT on cross border services (the EU and outside the EU)

Assuming the UK leaves the Customs Union, then the following will apply:

Buying in services from outside the UK - This will remain essentially unchanged, reverse charge will continue to be accounted for on services bought from outside the UK.

Supplying services outside the UK - Services sold to business outside the UK will continue to be outside the scope of UK VAT and therefore no UK VAT will be charged.

b)  VAT on Goods (the EU and outside the EU)

Supplying goods outside the UK – this will be classed as an export and zero rating can be applied. This means VAT will be charged at 0% and we can recover the input tax which relates to this supply. Please note HMRC require you to keep evidence that the goods have left the UK. Import VAT and duty will be due at the EU border. If you export, please contact the tax team.

Importing goods (buying in goods outside the UK) - for the movement of goods across borders, you will need to use the University's EORI number: GB 125 5067 30 065.

Current government guidance is that existing rules on importing from non-EU member states will apply to importing from EU member states.

There is the advantage of delaying the accounting for VAT on the VAT return, rather than having to pay it at the border. This will require liaison with your freight forwarders. Please remember our preferred suppliers are Davies International, RM Couriers and DHL. See Purchasing for more information.

We are working with Oracle support to implement changes to how we account for import VAT and duties. The key to ensuring compliance is good documentation.

Please ensure your freight forwarder provides copies of the C88/E2 forms to


This information will be updated as things change

We are arranging training in the new procedures, there will be courses available if and when the UK leaves the EU. The training course planned for 14th November will not now run, we will update you as we know more.

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