Inc and Exp Donations SOF report

Why run this report?

The purpose of the report is to enable users to report on in-year income and expenditure relating to donations together with unspent balances deferred for restricted donations. This information will enable you to check that income has been correctly matched to expenditure during the year and to inform those responsible for using the donations how much they have left to spend.

When should you run this report?

This report can be run as needed but departments with large numbers of restricted donations should consider running it as part of their normal month-end process. We would recommend that all departments run this report during the year-end process to confirm that income and expenditure are matched for restricted donations.

How to run this report

Report Parameters:

When running these reports, always use your departmental General Ledger responsibility.  It is not necessary to enter either a Content Set or Segment Override.


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Which outputs are available for this report?

  • Excel Template - a printable and emailable "templated" format that can be edited.
  • PDF - a printable and emailable format that cannot be edited.

Take care when printing the PDF outputs to ensure that you use the 'Shrink Oversized Pages' option.

Which roles have access to this report?

Everyone with access to the GL module can access FSG reports.

Hints and tips

When reviewing the data, please bear the following points in mind:

  • income is positive, expenditure is negative and a positive balance in column “I” indicates money left to spend;
  • this report will only work from June 2014 – no information about unspent balances will be returned before that date;
  • Oracle cannot differentiate between restricted and non-restricted donations so all C and S SOF codes will be returned;
  • the figures for both income and expenditure relate to the year to date rather than the full life of the donation; and
  • if the period is closed, the balance in column “G” should be zero for a restricted donation unless it is overspent. If it is not zero, possible reasons could include:
    • the income and expenditure on the SOF code in question does not relate to a deferred donation so income is not matched to spend;
    • transactions were posted after the deferral was calculated on working day 5; or
    • income has been coded to natural accounts other than 47110 (the deferral only takes donation income into account).
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