Payroll Deadline Dates 2020

Payroll deadline dates are the deadlines by which instructions must be received by the Payroll team in order for them to be reflected in salary for that month. Instructions received after the deadline date will usually not be reflected until the following month.

All deadlines are by close of business on each 2020 deadline date.

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January Friday 10th
February Monday 10th
March Tuesday 10th
April Wednesday 8th * early due to Easter
May Monday 11th
June Wednesday 10th
July Friday 10th
August Monday 10th
September Thursday 10th
October Friday 9th
November Tuesday 10th
December Monday 7th * early due to Christmas




















January Monday 6th
February Wednesday 5th
March Thursday 5th
April Friday 3rd
May Tuesday 5th
June Friday 5th
July Monday 6th
August Wednesday 5th
September Friday 4th
October Tuesday 6th
November Thursday 5th
December Thursday 3rd


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