Donations and Royalties


The Gift Registry team is responsible for the processing of all donations received by the University, working closely with the University Development Office. All donations, regardless of size should be routed via the Gift Registry. This will enable University Campaign totals to be updated in DARS and, if greater than £10,000 they can be reviewed by the Development Office staff to check that the gifts do not have to be returned to the donor. All donations should be processed according to the requirements set out in the Cash Handling and Banking Process. Please visit the donations page for further information regarding identifying and accounting donations.


A 'royalty' is an ongoing stream of money payable to the owner of an asset for the use of that asset, typically Intellectual Property (IP) rights. Royalties received by the University are usually shared among academics, funding bodies, charities, and University departments, with proper regard to the tax liabilities generated.

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