Oracle Financials R12.2 Upgrade Project

This page provides news and details of the R12.2 Upgrade project for the Oracle Financials system.

What is the Oracle Financials R12.2 Upgrade project?

We are upgrading the Oracle Financials system to version 12.2.  This includes an upgrade to how Oracle Financials will look and feel, as well as a refresh to the technology infrastructure that supports the system.  We expect there to be minimal changes to user processes.

Why do we need to change now?

There are several key reasons for undertaking this upgrade:

  • Support – Oracle support for the current version expires at the end of 2021.
  • Performance & stability – We aim to mitigate system performance issues.
  • Maintenance - We can reduce the amount of system downtime needed for ongoing maintenance.
  • Scalability – We need to increase our capacity to support expected growth in user numbers.

What is the timeline?

The upgrade will be completed in Febraury 2022.  We are currently working with our implementation provider to deliver the upgrade and are engaged with key stakeholders across the University to ensure the system continues to meet University finance needs and to ensure the finance community is prepared and equipped for the upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

We expect there to be minimal changes to process, however the user interface will have a different look and feel.  Any changes will be covered in training and further communications.

We will be providing training and guidance on how to use the upgraded system.  Further information will follow in the first quarter of 2021.

We are working closely with the Process Oversight Groups (POGs) and process user groups as well by means of central Finance teams to ensure finance processes continue to be supported by the upgraded system.  This includes ensuring we have the right level of involvement from users across the University during user testing.

You do not need to do anything right now. We will come to you in due course about preparing for the upgrade.

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