Taking Card Payments

The University accepts card payments both via card terminals and online (ecommerce).

There are a number of considerations when thinking about taking card payments, mainly around the security of customer card details. This is covered by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), a set of regulations with which the University must comply.

Other aspects to consider include the cost of processing card transactions, made up of:

  • Transaction fees from our Acquiring Bank
  • Ecommerce processing charges (if applicable)
  • Monthly terminal hire (if applicable)
  • An internal PCI Maintenance fee 

Departments who are interested in taking card payments should contact the Cashiers in the first instance, to discuss options. The Cashiers also have spare, portable card terminals which can be borrowed for one-off events when there may be the need to take card payments.

For departments with card terminals, the process for taking card payments should be followed.

There are a number of options for taking online payments, including the University Online Store.

Note: Should you wish to take card payments over the phone, there is a separate system and process to facilitate this. Please see above link to the relevant page.

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