Subsidiary Companies

Subsidiary Companies

The University has a number of wholly-owned companies which run a variety of activities that, if carried out by the University itself, would fall outside the charitable exemption for corporation tax.

These companies participate in activities which:

  • are not part of the University's main purpose; or
  • may give rise to a tax liability in the University; or
  • are undertaking activities in a foreign jurisdiction; or
  • require a specialist structure.

If you are considering an activity which may require setting up a subsidiary company, the set-up guide in the download list includes guidance on the procedures that need to be followed.


The subsidiary companies are overseen by the Subsidiary Accounts team and the Company Secretary Team.

Company Secretary Team

The Company Secretary Team manages the governance for a portfolio of subsidiary companies, including joint ventures and overseas entities.

They can be contacted via

Subsidiary Accounts Team

The Subsidiary Accounts Team provide accounting support to the subsidiary companies and joint ventures of the University.

They can be contacted individually by email or at

Major Subsidiaries

A number of major subsidiaries have their own websites, links to which are provided on this page.


Most subsidiaries use the SAGE accounting software, which is supported by the University. 

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