Environmental Sustainability

Please visit environmental sustainability at Oxford for further information.

Green Impact 

To find out more about Green Impact, please visit the NUS Green Impact site here.

At Finance Division we are committed to reducing our office waste and carbon emissions, as well as promoting water and energy saving schemes.

  • Reducing stationery waste.
  • Are you printing on both sides? It only takes 2 seconds and it could save half the paper! 
  • If you haven’t printed double-sided, could you use the blank side as scrap/notepaper? 
  • Send your letter in a re-usable internal mail envelope instead of a standard envelope – please ask Reception for these if you’re not sure what they look like. 
  • Bring back any stationery (post-its, pens, notebooks, etc) that you’ve got stocked in your drawers and haven’t used for years. They might be useful for someone else and if everyone did it, it could prevent extra deliveries (helping to reduce our carbon footprint), paper and money. 

Electricity usage

  • Switch off your PC every night – if we all do it, it does make a difference, especially before weekends and annual leave.
  • Switch off the lights when you leave a meeting room – they are not motion sensing like the other lights in the office and will not time out. 


  • Run/jog/cycle to work – there are shower and changing facilities at HBS.  
  • Are you aware of the bicycle loan scheme? And the interest-free travel loan scheme for bus/train passes? 


  • Too many old books at home? Why not donate them to our Common Room library? Other people can then still enjoy them and you raise money for charity too. 
  • We recycle all our printer cartridges to prevent them going to landfill. Some recycling companies break them down to recycle their component parts, others refill them for reuse. If your team has a printer, please make sure that your cartridge doesn’t end up in the bin, but take them to the print room where the recycling bins are. 
  • Use the recycling bins around the office and in the kitchen. If you’re unsure of what can be recycled there are posters around the office to give guidance.

Contact us

: Finance Division
       University of Oxford
       23-38 Hythe Bridge Street
       Oxford, OX1 2ET


 :  01865 (6) 16215