TIRS Administration and Management

*** When trying to submit an application for Travel Insurance, a number of applicants, using the TIRS system, have been confronted with the following error message:


“Destination Countries/Itinerary Tab: Destination country To Dates cannot be after the Travel end date”


This is an known issue and relates to a daylight saving/BST settings within the system, for which a fix is being investigated. Until a permanent fix can be put in place, we advise that Travel Insurance applicants put the Travel End date as the following day. This will allow the process to complete. ***


Information for travellers on arranging travel insurance can be found on our arranging travel insurance page.



The Travel Insurance Application and Travel Registration System (TIRS) replaces the paper form for applying for travel insurance and provides the ability to register travel details without taking out insurance. 

Travel applications are then managed and reviewed by Travel Administrators and approved by Travel Managers through CRM Dynamics. Travel Administrators and Managers are nominated within their department (please note these can be the same person). The University has not changed the travel insurance policy and the system is designed to support the application process. 

The Insurance Office to do not manage the TIRS system or CRM Dynamics, for any system issues please contact the FSSC service desk at financials@admin.ox.ac.uk or on 01865 (2) 84800.


CRM Dynamics can be accessed here for Travel Managers and Travel Administrators wanting to view, approve and manage travel applications. 

You must select the second option from the drop-down menu as shown below to sign in.


crm dynamics

How do I add / modify / remove access to CRM

To request or change access to CRM you need to submit a service request.  It is important that you register changes in CRM use, in particular if you no longer need to use TIRS to process applications.  The Finance Department must purchase a licence for every CRM user which is renewed annually.  Therefore, it is important that we are only purchasing licences that are needed.

Multiple access

If you have multiple Travel Administrators and Managers then you are able to set the notifications to a generic email address by contacting the FSSC Service Desk.

User Guides 

If you need help using the system, please refer to the user guides available from the right hand menu.  They are designed to help Travel Administrators and Managers with the steps for key tasks required to manage the travel insurance application (e.g. “Workflow and Sending Email”).


Online Training is available and will assist you in managing travel insurance applications, send emails, customise your views, etc.  We strongly recommend that you take this course if you are new to TIRS.   The link can be found on the right hand menu.

How do I get help? 

If TIRS is not working as expected or you are experiencing a technical issue,  please contact the FSSC Service Desk, available Mon to Fri from 8am to 5pm on 01865-284800 or email Financials@admin.ox.ac.uk.

To Request a Change or Enhancement to TIRS

To request a change to TIRS, please fill-in the Enhancement or Change Request Form (DOC) and submit it to FSSC at fssc_dev@admin.ox.ac.uk

The requests will be reviewed quarterly.  If your request is approved you will be contacted with information about timescales and UAT requirements

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