TIRS Administration and Management


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Important note:

Unfortunately, Insurance Office are unable to approve travel applications without written authority from the Department - even in emergency and/or extreme circumstances. 

Therefore, it is up to the Department to ensure they have created sufficient Departmental Travel Administrators (DTA) and/or Departmental Travel Managers (DTM) users for their Department to enable TIRS application approvals to be processed.

General TIRS Access

General TIRS Access - Traveller Users

Arranging TIRS System Access

TIRS Users 

TIRS is accessed via https://travelinsurance.admin.ox.ac.uk/ 

University Business Travellers and those entering information on their behalf (i.e Department PAs) - please request initial access to the TIRS system via the Financial Systems Service Desk on either

Please ensure you quote your University SSO and email address.

TIRS Access (DTA/DTM Users)

System Access - Department Administrators/Managers

TIRS Back Office System Access

Once an individual DTA and/or DTM user access is granted the CRM Dynamics system (TIRS back-office) can be accessed here  

You must select the second option from the drop-down menu to sign in.


Arranging TIRS Access for Departmental Travel Administrators (DTA) and Departmental Travel Managers (DTM):

A formal request is needed for access to the CRM Dynamics system (TIRS back-office) for individual DTA and DTM wanting to view, approve and manage travel applications on behalf of their Department/Business Area.  

The request form can be accessed here - service request.


Removing TIRS access for Departmental Travel Administrators (DTA) and/or Departmental Travel Managers (DTM) users

To request DTA/DTM access removal/deletion (when the user leaves the Department).  The request form can be accessed here - service request.  


Please note the Service request is within the Service Catalogue.  The option is for Dynamics User Access and you will need to select TIRS from the dropdown menu as the system you want to add or remove users from.


Multiple Approvers - 1 Department

If you have multiple DTA and/or DTM users in one Department, then you can set up a generic email address to have the notifications sent to first.

To arrange:

  • Please contact the Financial Systems Service Desk at financials@admin.ox.ac.uk to request a generic departmental email address for TIRS
  • Then once you have your email address (user ID) you can arrange the access service request as per the link above.
Departmental Contacts - (DTA/DTM Users)

Departmental Contacts

Adding/Editing Departmental Contacts

Once the DTA/DTM user access is created they will need to be set up as a Departmental Contact. 

Note - If a DTA/DTM is:

  • On a long term absence then their Departmental Contact record will need to be deactivated. 
  • Leaving the Department - Departmental Contact record will need to be removed 

The User Guide for these processes is available via the quick user guide link adjacent to this page - entitled Departmental Contacts - Addition & Editing



TIRS System Queries (as at 28/02/2023)

Please Note - 

For General TIRS process related queries - Please contact Insurance Office in the first instance:

For Technical Support Queries - contact FSSC*

  • E: financials@admin.ox.ac.uk
  • T: 01865 (2)84800
  • Service Hours - 8am to 5pm Mon to Fri - (except Bank Holidays, Easter and Christmas)

To assist the FSSC, please include screen shots and/or error messages and instructions plus a full description of your query to enable the team to triage and escalate your query to the correct support team (as appropriate).

*Only Technical Support queries should be sent direct to FSSC Service Desk - If you are unsure whether your issue is Tech Support related or not please email insurance@admin.ox.ac.uk in first instance.