Month-End Dashboard 2019

The following information is for the superseded 2019 Month-End Dashboard

For information on the current Dashboard visit the Dashboards page.


The Month-End Dashboard:

  1. Gives senior administrators a snapshot view of what is happening in their department, providing information over key activities and assurance over the operation of key financial controls, enabling them to understand any weaknesses.
  2. Provides detailed reports which can be used from within the Dashboard to carry out relevant tasks, e.g. manage open POs or invoices on hold; or to carry out relevant checks that form part of the control framework, e.g. checking transactions which have failed segregation of duties.

Gaining access

To run the Month-End Dashboard, you will need the following minimum Oracle access (where XX stands for your department code). Please note edit access should not be requested for the purpose of running reports.
Oracle access required to run the Month-End Dashboard
Minimum Oracle access required Alternative (edit) access
XX General Ledger Enquiry XX General Ledger Sal
XX General Ledger
UO Payables Enquiry XX Payables
XX Payables No Holds Release
UO Internal Trade User
XX Projects Departmental User Enquiry UO Projects Departmental User
UO Purchase Order Enquiry UO iProcurement - Finance Preparer
UO Buyer Work Centre
XX Receivables  
UO User Access Reports  


If you require additional access, please complete the Oracle user access online service request.

The Dashboard now includes a card showing incomplete AR requisitions. To run this report XX Receivables access is required. We generally do not recommend that edit access is provided for the purpose of running reports, and will be amending this report so it can be run from Receivables Enquiry. In the interim, we suggest you consider whether you could run the dashboard without that card or ask a team member with XX Receivables access to run the report outside the dashboard and paste the data in as alternatives to requesting additional edit access.

When you have completed the required XL Connect and Dashboard training you will be given access to the SharePoint site where you will be able to download the dashboard, this link will be emailed to you and can also be accessed below:




Running the Month-End Dashboard

It is important to set-up the dashboard correctly to enable the reports to run properly. The current dashboard was released in August 2019 and there have been a number of changes in how to run and use the dashboard since the previous iterations.

The first time you use the Month-End Dashboard some time investment is needed to set it up. This includes setting your responsibilities and entering the department(s) you want to run it for. When you subsequently run the dashboard, save a copy of this set up dashboard and only the date parameters will need updating. For future months, by saving a copy of the prior month's dashboard this will also then carry forward the charts data from the previous dashboards to show your department's trends.

This guidance includes full details of the Oracle responsibilities to be used for each report as well as detailed guidance on the correct report parameters. It is important that the parameters are entered as shown and departments are advised to refer regularly to this guidance.




Working with the Month-End Dashboard

Detailed guidance is available including details of what to review on the Month-End Dashboard and how to interpret the information on the cards, it also provides information on what may need your attention and action.




Training for using the Month-End Dashboard

You must complete the XL Connect and Dashboard online training in order to be given access to the Month-End Dashboard. The training covers how to:

  • set-up the dashboard - download, save and set up the parameters for the first run;
  • run the dashboard - prepare the dashboard, refresh and download the reports using XL Connect and update the dashboard;
  • navigate around the dashboard

The training is overseen by the Training Team .

Search for the following course titles in CoSy:

  • XL Connect
  • XL Connect Dashboard



Technical help and support for XL Connect and the Month-End Dashboard

Common troubleshooting issues and solutions are listed in the XL Connect and Dashboard Troubleshooting (pdf)

If you or your team require any additional technical help and support regarding XL Connect or the Month-End Dashboard please contact the FSSC Service Desk .

Alternatively your Divisional Finance team  or the Financial Assurance team  are also available to provide support and guidance.