Oracle R12 Financials Forms and Useful Documents

Requests for access to Oracle Financials (R12) using the old Excel forms, are no longer being accepted. Any Excel forms which are received will be sent back to the requester with a link to the new form. Please follow the links in the sub-section 'User Forms' to be re-directed to the online forms for Oracle Financials access.

If you have any feedback or questions on these forms please contact the financial systems service desk on or (01865) (2)84800

User Forms

As of the end of November 2021, we have updated some of the Service Requests within OSM, in order to either streamline the process of completing the Service Request or apply improvements suggested by users and support staff.

Please select the link relevant to your requirements.

Authorised Signatory for Financial Systems: Use this form to maintain Departmental Authorised Signatories for managing access to financial systems (Oracle Financials, BFT, and eExpenses).

Oracle R12 Add New Shopper: Add up to five shoppers with access to procure goods and services only Oracle R12 Department User Access 

Oracle R12 Department User Access: Use this form to request a new or, amend existing access for an Oracle R12 user working within a University department.

Oracle R12 Central User Access: Use this form to request a new or, amend existing access for an Oracle R12 user working within Central Finance.

Financial Systems Reporting Tools and BFT Access: This form replaces the Excel form and should be used to request access to: 

  • SplashGL related access
  • SplashXL
  • Month End Dashboard
  • User Access Dashboard
  • User Access Reports (in Oracle Financials)
  • Budgeting and Forecasting Tool (BFT)

Remove Access to Financial Systems and Reporting Tools: Use this form to request a user's account to be closed in Oracle R12, eExpenses, Month End Dashboard, User Access Dashboard, User Access Reports in Oracle and/or Budgeting and Forecasting Tool (BFT).

Oracle 11i Read Only Access form  Read Only access to legacy data on Oracle 11i. This form is only applicable to Central Finance users

Chart of Accounts Forms

New Cost Centre  (XLS): Set up a new code(s)

Change Cost Centre Parent (XLS): Change Parent: Move position in hierarchy

Reopen, close or rename Cost Centre (XLS): Change Cost Centre: Reopen, close, rename and change default VAT recovery rate of an existing code(s) 

eExpenses Cost Centre Activation Form (XLS)

New Source of Funds (XLS): Set up a new code(s)

Change Source of Funds Parent (XLS): Change Parent: Move position in hierarchy

Reopen, close or rename Source of Funds (XLS): Reopen, close or rename an existing code(s)

New Natural Account (XLS): Set up a new code(s)

Change Natural Account (XLS): Rename or change the hierarchy of an existing code(s)

Payroll Cost Allocation Form (XLS)

Departmental Forms

New Department Setup (XLS) Set up a new department or change an existing department. For further guidance on how and when this form should be used, please contact the Financial Reporting Team by emailing

New and Change Location Code (XLS): Set up a new Location Code (Delivery Site).

Location Codes Listing (XLS): Guidance and Existing Location Codes.

Useful documents for Oracle Financials

Chart of Accounts (XLS)

Cost Centres and VAT Recovery Classifications (XLS)

Guide to the Position Hierarchy (PDF)

Suppliers using electronic XML PO and invoice system (PDF)

Natural Accounts Guide (XLS)

Source of Funds Guide (PDF)

Research Expenditure Types Mapping (XLS)

R12 Accounting Hierarchy (PDF)

R12 Expenditure Types and associated Natural Account (XLS)

Location Codes Listing (XLS)

R12 Purchasing Coding Category Guidance for Non-Catalogue Requisitions (XLS)

Cross-validation rules (XLS)

List of Purchase Order Exceptions to Requisitioning (DOC)  

Internal Trade Suppliers (XLS) 

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