Order without a Purchase Order

  1. Purchase to Pay
  2. Obtain quotations or tenders
  3. Select a supplier
  4. Order via Internal Trade
  5. Order with a Purchase order
  6. Order without a Purchase Order
  7. Receive/reject goods or services
  8. Process Invoices
  9. Make payment

Having identified the goods or services required and the supplier, you need to place an order. 

A purchase order must be raised in Oracle Financials in respect of all purchases of goods and services (including advance payments), except those on the List of Purchase Order Exceptions to Requisitioning  (DOC)


Departments are free to raise purchase orders for goods or services in all circumstances if they wish to do so.


If the purchase is on the List of Purchase Order Exceptions to Requisitioning   (DOC) you can: 


  • Place the order with the supplier by telephone or email, keeping a record of the purchase on a departmental log or system.
  • Pay using a departmental credit card or alternatively, for one-off small purchases, consider if the use of petty cash   is appropriate.

When ordering without a purchase order, the following points should be noted:

  • Appropriate authorisation is required for all purchases, irrespective of whether a purchase order is raised or not.
  • Records of the orders placed, goods or services received, and invoices paid should be kept. 
  • Credit card purchases must be logged, in line with the regulations set out in the Application for a Departmental Credit Card (DOC) and credit card statements must be sent to the Payments Team   no later than 20 days from the statement date.

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