Benefits, Reward and Recognition



As a member of the collegiate University you will have access to all museums, libraries, the language centre, arboretum and parks. In addition, staff loan schemes are available to help with the cost of travel.

The University auto-enrols all staff to either the University’s Oxford Staff Pension Scheme or the Universities Superannuation Pension Scheme; it has generous family leave arrangements, an annual leave entitlement starting at 38 days (including bank holidays and applicable University fixed closures) and a relocation scheme (where applicable).

Many more staff benefits are available and arrangements are set up with some businesses to give staff discounts.

Awards for Excellence

The purpose of the Awards for Excellence Scheme is to recognise staff contributions to the work of the University and to reward exceptional individual contributions. All eligible staff should be reviewed annually in the gathered field exercise by a panel at departmental level.

For the sake of parity, transparency and ease of monitoring, there is no provision for making performance-related incremental payments to staff outside the annual exercise.

The University’s pay structure provides all staff in grades 1-10 with automatic incremental progression (up to the scale bar), over and above cost of living rises, to reward and recognise the acquisition of the skills, knowledge, and expertise that comes with experience in a post. The Awards for Excellence Scheme recognises contributions over and above this and rewards employees who:

  • have performed well in all the key areas of their jobs, AND
  • have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, significantly above that which might reasonably have been expected for their grade.

Further information can be found on the Awards for Excellence webpage

Reward and recognition: You deserve it

In Finance, we take great care of our staff, by regularly reviewing your professional development, giving you plenty of opportunities to work on your career through training and career progression and ensuring that you are duly rewarded and recognised for your contributions to our vision. If you were to join us, you could get a bonus through the University’s Awards for Excellence Scheme or the Recognition Scheme for any outstanding contributions beyond the job’s core duties.

The Reward and Recognition Scheme

Anyone in the Finance Division can nominate any colleague, team member, manager. Nominations can by made by departmental staff too.

Why nominate?

There are many reasons to nominate a colleague.

Have you seen anyone:

  • Improve the performance of their team, the Finance Division or the University? 
  • Deliver exceptional service to a department? 
  • Take on additional work outside of their usual duties? 
  • Show an outstanding commitment to one or more of our values: Excellence, Respect, Professionalism or Integrity? 
  • Improve a customer’s view of a Finance team, the Division or the University? 
  • Create improved efficiency or savings? 
  • Assist others during staff absence or periods of peak work 

How to nominate a colleague
You can nominate people by simply completing the Recognition Scheme nomination form   and emailing it to the Finance Division Staff reward mailbox for consideration by the Reward Panel.

What happens next?

The Reward Panel will request further information from the nominee’s line manager. While the manager can often provide some very helpful background, they will not be asked to approve each nomination before it is considered, ie all nominations are considered by the Panel independently. Any Panel member who is also the line manager of a nominee will take no part in the decision regarding that individual.

The Panel will decide whether or not to approve the nomination and their decision is final. The Panel will then inform the nominator of their decision.

Any queries regarding the scheme should be directed to the Reward Panel by emailing



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