University Barclaycard Reconciliation Process

This process has been superseded from September 2020

Please contact your departmental finance team or the Central Payments Team if you require more information. New guidance will be published shortly.


Overview of the Process


barclaycard reconciliation

Cardholders will receive an email sent on behalf of Cashiers and Payments team on or around the 9th of the month which will include the Barclaycard Statement Reconciliation Template. On receipt of the monthly email, procedures should be followed to ensure that the fully coded and authorised statement plus receipts are emailed to the Payments Team  within the published deadline. This is a requirement as specified in the Departmental Credit Card Regulations.

*relatively flexible dependent upon individual departments and internal coding procedures and submission reviews.  Also please consider the different routes outlined under ‘Suggested Step-by-Step Guide’ below.

The AP team will review all files received for compliance with the Barclaycard policy including:

  • The AP team will check the template is authorised by an appropriate signatory (with a relevant authority limit) held on the Oracle Register of Authorised Signatures, kept within the AP team.  
  • Expenditure is in line with the Expenses Guidance, and supporting documentation (receipts) have been provided. This will be spot checked by the Senior Payments Assistant who may contact the department finance team for further information or clarification. 

Please note no consideration will be given to value for money by the AP team although this should be reviewed by departments as a matter of course.  

All cardholders are assigned a default Oracle cost centre for card purchases and failure to submit a monthly statement for compliance checking will result in all charges for the month being posted against the default code which should then be cleared by the Department.  

Non-compliance for 3 consecutive months will lead to the Barclaycard being cancelled in line with Barclaycard policy:
Cardholders who do not comply with these regulations will initially receive a reminder, followed by a warning, which, if ignored, will result in the card being cancelled and may result also in disciplinary action, depending upon the nature of the default. The decision of the Director of Finance in these instances will be final.

There are two options to choose from:

barclaycard reconciliation

¹ The email subject line should include the Departmental Code (e.g. KH) and the cardholder’s name, followed by SS (for the Scan and Send Option) or PS (for the Print and Send Option).  This will ensure the AP team can easily identify your email in the inbox.

Scan and Send: The email can be sent by a departmental finance staff member if the approver is copied into the email.  
Print and Send: The email must be sent by the approver

The email should contain an authorisation statement of ‘XXX (approver copied into the email) authorises the attached XXXX (month e.g. May) Barclaycard Statement for XXXX (card holder)’.  If the Scan and Send Option is chosen the template, receipts and statement should be sent as attachments in the same email.

²Accounts Payable – Hythe Bridge Street 


Download the statement from the Barclaycard website ensuring the complete month’s data is available.  This can be achieved by logging into mybarclaycard online account and click onto ‘Review your Spending’.  

Select the ‘Your Statements’ tab and there will be a link to all your available statements.  

At the bottom of the available statements will be an option to save or download your statement.  

Scan & Send: Save the statement as PDF.  

Print & Send: Print a copy of the statement. 

Open the Barclaycard Template spreadsheet, ensuring the tab that is open is ‘Statement Template’.  Enter the individual card and statement data into the bright green cells (please do not enter information into the grey cells).  Type ‘prepared by’ information into the green box.  

Copy the relevant downloaded information into the bright blue cells on the Barclaycard template (under the heading ‘Transaction Information’).  The lighter blue cells refer to the actual receipt provided for each transaction:

  • The value of the goods before VAT should be entered into column C and the VAT amount should be entered into column D.
  • Together columns C and D should equal the total amount of the purchase which will be calculated automatically into column E; please check this equals the value of the receipt and also on the Barclaycard statement.  If alterations are required please change the information in columns C and D and do not overwrite the grey cells.  

Add the additional information to the Barclaycard template to explain and code the data (column F onwards).  

It is important to note that anything entered into column F will appear on expenditure reports so it is recommended to include the supplier name again here followed by a short description of the expenditure (max 240 characters).   Columns G and H are optional and are for additional information if the Barclaycard is used by more than one person.  

Save and print the Barclaycard Template and attach the receipts for the transactions

(Receipts are required for all items on the Barclaycard statement or a reason provided for its absence; original receipts are required if using the Print & Send option).  

Forward the completed template to the approver via email (or file share) along with the relevant receipts and the PDF copy of the statement (Scan & Send) or the hardcopy statement (Print & Send). 

Approver reviews the statement and approves the completed template – confirmed via the addition of the approvers’ details in the purple box.  Approver prints the template and signs it as authorisation. 

Scan & Send: Finance Staff (copying in the approver) emails the AP team with attachments of the PDF copy of the statement, the receipts and the signed copy of the template.  The email should also contain the excel version of the template. 

Print & Send: the approver emails the AP team the excel version of the template.  The statement, the original receipts and the signed copy of the template are sent to the central AP team. 

The AP team will upload the electronic copy of the excel template onto Oracle once the statement and receipts have been received (via email for the Scan and Send Option or the hard copy received into the AP office for the Print and Send Option) and preliminary checks regarding authorisation have taken place.  

Please note that spot checks by the Senior Payments Assistant. Reporting may take place after the entries have been uploaded onto Oracle and you may be called upon to provide extra information or clarity regarding expenditure on the statement.

  • Deadlines for submission can vary in accordance with office closures but typically the deadline for submission is 10 working days after the statement date.  Deadline is 5pm on the relevant date. The Month End Timetable detailing the reconciliation deadline date can be located on the Month End Process page, on the right hand side.
  • No self-authorisation is permitted (cardholders cannot authorise their own expenditure even if they are an authorised signatory)
  • Incorrect or invalid coding will be substituted for the Barclaycard default cost centre provided to the Cashiers Office, with a natural account of 61200.  Departments will be informed via email that the coding has been altered and departments will need to journal the costs as appropriate.  No alterations to coding will be accepted once the template has been uploaded.
  • Each transaction on the statement should have a corresponding coding line on the template
  • B-Code Source of Funds should continue to be authorised by an appropriate signatory with a signature apparent on the printed version of the template.  The approver for the B-code should also be copied-in on the emails sent to AP containing the excel version of the template.
  • Please do not delete information in the grey cells as the formulas in the cells will also be deleted. If/when necessary delete the information in the surrounding cells which will automatically remove the information in the grey cells.
  • Please complete the tab ‘statement template’ and do not recreate the template in another tab as this causes problems with background processes and may lead to the upload being unsuccessful. 
  • If you would prefer to download the Barclaycard Statement in Excel (as opposed to PDF) and you do not currently have the facility to do so please email and your access will be amended in due course.
  • As of March 2017 any submissions via the Scan and Send option will be available to view via the attachment functionality on Oracle.

If you have any issues with the completion of the template please email/telephone your regular Central AP contact.