Benefits for University Pensioners

These benefits are listed below.

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If you are in receipt of a University Pension, you are eligible for a retiree's card. To apply, please go to the University Card Office website. If you have difficulty with this please contact the Pensioner Welfare Officer, Julia Powles, on 01865 616203.

Some of the privileges offered by the card included continued access to University libraries, access to OUCS and its email services, discounts at the Oxford University shop and at the Ashmolean and Bodleian gift shops and cafes, free entrance to the Botanical Gardens and Harcourt Arboretum, the ability to apply for membership of the University Club on Mansfield Road (see below), and discounted membership of the University sports club at Iffley Road (see below).

Any person presenting proof that they are currently in receipt of an Oxford University Pension may join the University sports facilities at the current staff rates, which represent approximately 70% discount on public rates. Spouses of University pensioners can also benefit, with membership rates as for the spouses of current staff.  Proof of spouse status relates to the same postal address or shared bank account.

For all enquiries, please contact the Sports Department directly:
Telephone: 01865 (2) 40476

You are eligible to join the University Club as a pensioner if you fall into one of the four categories below (the first two categories are eligible for a University Card):

  • retired from working for the University and in receipt of a USS or OSPS pension;
  • retired from working for a College and in receipt of College pension;
  • a spouse/partner or a surviving spouse/partner of someone in the first category;
  • a spouse/partner or a surviving spouse/partner of someone in the second category.

All prospective members in the first two categories need a valid University Card to join the club. Once you have your University Card you can complete a membership application form in three ways:

Retired staff are welcomed at the Language Teaching Centre, whose Director is keen to encourage lifelong language learning amongst retired members of staff. The appropriate elected persons fee will need to be paid.

Contact us

Pensions Office, 6 Worcester Street, Oxford, OX1 2BX

Tel: (01865) 616203