Payment Request Forms

Payment request forms (PRFs) can be used in certain circumstances to make payments to individuals. A PRF is most likely to be used in situations where the department initiates the payment, for example, payments to students of scholarships (which may also be known as bursaries, grants etc); payment of allowed subsistence for Visiting Academics; and payments to participants or volunteers.

Payment request forms can also be used for payments to organisations where an invoice would not normally be expected, e.g. repayment or distribution of grant funding, etc.

In all situations the underlying nature of the payment should be considered irrespective of how it has been described. For example, a department may describe a payment as an honorarium, but if the substance of the payment is payment for services, it should be taxed appropriately.

Payment request forms should not be used in the following situations:

  • To pay for services – should be paid via payroll or via the purchase to pay process.
  • Claims for reimbursement of payments made by individuals on behalf of the University – should be submitted via the expenses process.
  • Travel advances - should be requested through the advances process. [New page link to be added]

Payment Request Form Process

There are two methods for requesting payment:

  1. Payments Request Form  – used to request one payment to one payee.
  2. Payment Request Upload Form (XLS) – used to send multiple payment requests (5 or more) of a similar nature to the Central Payments Team, instead of completing individual payment request forms (PRFs). The requests must still meet the usual criteria for those typically submitted on payment request forms. For further guidance on using this facility please email:

Please note: Payment Request Forms must be sent to the Payments Team for input into Oracle. They must NOT be input by departmental staff.

If the payment will be a recurring payment (occurring more than twice), the Recurring Invoice Payment Request Form can be used to request multiple payments.

Payment Request Forms must be signed by a preparer and at least one authorised signatory who is not the preparer (the authorised signatory listing is the same as the one used for expenses).

When authorising the request, the authoriser is confirming that the following conditions are met:

  • The payment is allowable;
  • The request is mathematically correct and is accompanied by all necessary supporting documentation;
  • The specific items to which the request relates have not been previously paid for by the University or another third party;
  • The specific items to which the request relates are not subject to a duplicate claim or payment request currently in progress with the University or another third party;
  • Specifically in the case of claims against research funding, the payment does not contravene any funding rules imposed by sponsors;
  • The general ledger or grant code(s) specified are valid and contain sufficient funding to cover the claim;
  • That the payment can be justified in terms of the University's Value for Money policy.

Any amendments made to Payment Request Forms must be initialled by the individual authorising the payment.

Authorised forms must be submitted in hard copy to the Payments Team in the Finance Division. The Payments Team will accept original documents and signatures. Faxes, emails and electronic forms will not usually be accepted. The Payments Team will enter the details onto Oracle Financials, and arrange for payment to be made.

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