"…the Month-End Dashboard is an excellent tool which provides users with a far more effective way of reviewing and monitoring key financial information. By automatically drawing together the outputs of a range of reports and overlaying these data with statistical and comparative analysis it mostly replaces the previous monthly practice of working though individual Oracle reports and I think has substantially reduced the time users spend analysing these data and in pinpointing the issues that may require investigation..."


Jeremy Sims – Divisional Financial Controller, MPLS



"…the Dashboard provides an effective mechanism for departments to understand their current performance and prioritise areas where they can make improvements. The big task of pulling all the data together has been done saving significant amount of resource across the University…"


Pamela Flood – FOCUS Practitioner, Departmental Purchasing Project Team






"…the Dashboard contains a number of KPIs which, when the factors affecting the measure are understood, highlight opportunities for improvement. Often, we in departments instinctively know where there is a problem, but it is useful to have data to back up instinct with evidence. Other times, we know there is an issue, but only on reviewing the data can we pinpoint the cause. Ultimately, it is difficult to make improvements if you don’t understand what is happening within the process, and the KPIs on the Dashboard offer departments that insight into what they are doing…"


Claire D’Mellow – Finance Manager, IT Services



"…with overall responsibility for my department’s finance function, I am keen to ensure that I understand both how it’s performing, and how I can help my team resolve any challenges they are facing. The dashboard provides valuable insight into trends affecting processing times, but crucially also the data required to address them, whether by working with end users, revisiting process or training, or looking at IT solutions. My team see it as an invaluable means of continuing to improve the service we provide, allowing them to focus on those areas where their effort is best directed..."


Jo Harris – Director of Finance, Saïd Business School






"…the Month-End Dashboard is used every month by the Finance team in our department to review performance and compliance in a number of key areas. 
  The information on the Dashboard provides a good basis for a group discussion to identify areas for improvement and to highlight any successes by the team. By providing statistics on how much work is carried out by a team, it underlines how much they achieve in a standard month, instead of only focussing on just the things to be improved – this ensures morale is kept high, staff feel like they are an important part of the team and the team are genuinely keen to see the data each month. Being able to compare the latest version to the previous months’ data also provides a measure of how any changes or improvements are taking effect. 
  The new version of the Dashboard is an improvement on the previous one with more information and a better look, I also believe it is easier to run and import the reports…"


Paul McNulty – Finance Manager, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences