Budgeting and Forecasting Tool

Key points about the BFT

  • Solution for building financial budgets and forecasts
  • Covers Income and Expenditure statement and detailed Payroll costs
  • Authorised users  can access BFT via the sidebar links to the right 
  • Please see BFT Help links below

**BFT News**

Q1 2020/21 Version

Q1 2020/21 version is available in BFT 

August and September 2020 Payroll data have been uploaded to the Q1 Forecast version and are available for review/Payroll Journal Gap work


1. Budget 2020/21 version is included for reference/variance analysis

2. The Q3 2019/20 Forecast was optionally carried out by some divisions/departments. Please check locally before using the Q3 for comparatives or reporting purposes

Q1 Forecast 2020/21 update

  • BFT is available for review of Payroll and Journal Gap updates

  • October Payroll to be loaded on/around Thurs 29 October 2020

  • Please refer to divisional teams for local timetables and deadlines


BFT Training and How To's

BFT Training videos and documents are available on the BFT training page

Please also see our "How To" webpages, in addition to the existing video clips

Other BFT Help:-

All BFT Training Exercises (PDF) 9-page exercise pack from New User Training

BFT Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) 

BFT Issues and Tips - updates on BFT issues and help to get around them

BFT Glossary - terms and their meaning (as used when discussing the BFT)

Original BFT 2016 How To's - all the original BFT How To's and Case Studies

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