Managing access to Oracle Financials - Training


Training before access policy 

The Finance Division operates a policy of training before access. This policy is designed to protect the integrity of data on the Oracle Financials system, it also protects our Oracle Financials users and the University. Any users with new responsibilities in Oracle Financials must receive appropriate training before any new access is granted which allows activity to be undertaken on the system. 

To speed up the process of releasing Oracle Financials access to staff, departments are encouraged to notify the FSSC Training team of new joiners before they are in post. Departments can book training courses for new starters in advance by emailing the Training team  who will ensure that new joiners are booked on the relevant courses.

Booking training

When a user account is set up by FSSC following the receipt of an approved online access request form, an invitation will be sent to the user advising which roles have been requested. This includes a link to the Training Courses by Role guidance document so that users can book the relevant course(s) for their requirements.

Both classroom and online training is booked through CoSy.

Note: Access request expiration

Access requests are valid for three months from submission before being cancelled. If the relevant training is not completed within this time another request form will need to be submitted. The Training team endeavour to review outstanding training on a monthly basis and send reminders before requests expire.


After training is completed FSSC release the relevant access to the new user, notify them by email of their access details and provide information to help with logging in for the first time. Notifications are sent each time access to a responsibility is granted. Access to each module of Oracle will be given to users as they have completed each module/process course.


Tip: If a user requires access to several Oracle Financials responsibilities, access to each new responsibility will be granted separately once the relevant training is completed rather than waiting for all training to be completed.


Returning users will not be required to repeat training for responsibilities they have previously had access to within the last twenty-four months.

Course scheduling should ensure that most new joiners are able to receive training and their logins during their first week of work, although access cannot be released without an approved online access request form. 

An emergency call-out training service is available for temporary staff called in at short notice. Due to the Training and Learning Team's limited resources, this service is only available in emergencies, it is not available for full-time/long-term temporary staff where training could have been booked in advance.

Further information can be found on the training web pages. If you require further assistance please contact the Training team  or on 01865 (6)16177.

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