Training before access

The Finance Division promotes a policy of training before access. This means that any new Oracle Financials users or those who are changing finance roles have to receive appropriate training before they are given access to the system. To protect the Oracle Financials user, the system and the University, a process exists to ensure that new Oracle Financials users have had adequate basic training before being given access to the system. This was identified as a requirement by PricewaterhouseCoopers in an audit review. 

In order for departments not to experience a delay with staff access to Oracle, they are encouraged to notify Finance Training of new joiners as soon as they know. Departments do not have to wait until the new starter joins. The Training Team will ensure that new joiners are booked on the relevant courses and will liaise with the System Administration Team regarding the allocation of logins. Access to each module of Oracle will be given to users as they have been on each module/process course. Course scheduling will ensure that new joiners will be able to be trained and receive their logins during their first week of work in most cases (much of the training for more popular courses will take place on day 2 and day 3 of joining), although access cannot be released without an approved new or changed user form. 

There will also be an emergency call-out for temporary staff. Due to the Training and Learning Team's limited resources, this call-out service will only be available in emergency situations, i.e. when temporary staff have been called in at short notice. It cannot be made available for full-time/long-term temporary staff whose start dates were known well in advance but whose managers failed to book them on training.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Training team on 01865 (6)6176 or via email at

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