UO New Supplier Requests

Improvements have been made to the UO New Supplier Requests report and have been implemented in LIVE as of Monday 23 October 2023. The changes made are:

• A parameter has been added to include/exclude ‘stubbed requests’ - see the report instructions for a description of a stubbed request. Previously stubbed requests have been filtered out of the report and so the parameter is set to not include the stubbed requests by default.

• The notes column in the Excel output has been widened to help with reading the notes

• The time element in the Request Date column has been re-instated when the date cell is selected.

From Tuesday 24 October - all existing schedules for UO New Supplier Requests report will need to be cancelled and new ones created to ensure the latest version of the report is run and your schedules do not error. Please only run ‘fresh’ submissions and do not use the ‘previous submissions’ functionality, to ensure the latest version of the report is run.


Why run this report?

  • Departments may run this report to monitor the progress of their requests.  Departments will be able to see where their requests are in the process eg. with supplier or finance teams
  • The University Purchasing Department will use this report to monitor requests they need to action

When should you run this report?

Departments are advised to run this report as required to see progress of their requests.  They can then escalate any requests awaiting a supplier response.  The University Purchasing Department will run this report daily.

How to run this report

Select the following parameters:


Which outputs does this report have?

  • Excel - a simple list of data that can be filtered but has no totals.

Which roles have access to this report?

  • UO Buyer Work Centre
  • UO iProcurement - Finance Preparer
  • UO iProcurement - Goods In

Hints and Tips

Leave the Request Status blank to see all prospective suppliers.

Use the Requisition Number to search for specific requests.

There is no security associated with this report so that all prospective suppliers can be reviewed by all users with access.

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