UO Purchase Receipt Details

Why run this report?

  • To monitor who receipted a Purchase Order, when this happened, to which location item was delivered whether there have been any corrections and returns. Also, to see the accounting string this was charged to and Project Number incl. Task (if applicable).

How to run this report?

Select the following parameters:

uo purchase receipt details

Always enter your Department name.

Which Outputs does this report have?

  • Excel - a simple list of data that can be filtered but has no totals.

Which roles have access to this report?

  • All Reports (Purchasing)
  • UO Buyer Work Centre Reports
  • UO Finance Preparer Reports
  • UO Goods in Reports
  • UO PO Enquiry Reports

Hints and Tips

The only mandatory parameter is your Department, you can enter multiple Department names.

This report is designed to give you great flexibility on possible outputs based on information available to you. All parameters have multiple entry option, to allow you to run the report for combinations of POs, receipts numbers, receivers, dates and cost centres.

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