eExpenses general FAQs

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It is expected that with the new system less time will be spent checking the claims prior to payment, allowing for more time on other finance work to be undertaken

  • GL codes and project information will be uploaded to eExpenses daily
  • Employee updates will be made weekly
  • Project codes will be closed in eExpenses after the two months tidying period following the project end date

No, supplier type for expenses will not lock out after a year

The supplier lists are provided by the eExpenses system.  They can be overridden if required

  • VAT is built into the system by expense type and where the cost is incurred
  • The University has taken the decision not to record or reclaim VAT for expenses from eExpenses.  However, the information is being collected so that analysis can be done to consider changing in the future.  Buying an item and claiming it back via expenses, rather than raising a purchase order (PO) in advance to buy it, may cost your department more money.  
  • Claims will be returned if a PO is more appropriate

It is possible for everyone to see all the codes held within eExpenses, but the default display will be those for the department selected to allocate the expense

Evidence of authorisations is available via the eExpenses approvals workflow so hard copies and wet signatures will not be required