UO Trial Balance - Detailed New

Why run this report?

  • For detailed review of General Ledger actual account balances and activity.  This can be per cost centre, cost centre parent or a range of cost centres.

  • For viewing details at line level for each account listed in ascending order by GL account.

When should you run this report?

This report is recommended for your monthly/quarterly/year end preparation and closure.

How to run this report

Report Parameters:

uo tb new parameters r12 2


  1. Currency Type/Code – Options for Type are T (Total) or S (Statistical) and the Code should then relate to the Type entered, i.e. T and N/A or S and STAT. The latter will allow you to run a trial balance for FTE data.
  2. If the E (Entered) Type is used then a currency code will also be required.  Thus E and EUR will return only balances where transactions have been entered in Euro.
  3. GL Account – although it is possible to enter a single account combination here this is not recommended as each segment is expanded in the subsequent parameters and these are much more flexible
  4. Each segment entry has multiple options when the “magnifying glass” icon is selected (the example relates to cost centres but applies to each segment):
    glcc partial search
  5. It is possible to enter:
  • a single cost centre, e.g. ZT0000, or a parent, e.g. ZTA1
  • a range of cost centres by using the Range(:) button, e.g. ZT0000:ZT0002
  • multiple cost centres by using the Include(+) button, e.g. ZT0000+ZT0002
  • a range of cost centres but excluding one (or more) by using the Exclude(-) button, e.g. ZT0000:ZT0002-ZT0001 *
  • Security on the report has been changed so that the cost centre field is no longer mandatory. Therefore if left blank will return only those cost centres permitted by the responsibility used with the report.

* Please be aware that it is NOT possible to enter a parent code and then the exclude option. Thus the following (cost centre) example will fail (and returns 0 rows): ZTA1-ZT0002

Which outputs are available for this report?

  • Excel - a simple list of data that can be filtered but has no totals.
  • Excel Pivot - designed to make analysis of the data easier, the default layout can be changed once the report has opened in Excel from this output.  Multiple pivots are available, each based on the different segments.

Which roles have access to this report?

  • XX General Ledger (+ Kellogg)
  • XX General Ledger Sal
  • OSPS General Ledger X
  • UO General Ledger Divisional Finance Teams
  • UO General Ledger Financial Reporting Team
  • UO General Ledger Gift Registry
  • UO Consolidation General Ledger
  • UO General Ledger Enquiry
  • UO General Ledger Cashiers and Treasury
  • UO Trust Fund General Ledger Enquiry
  • UO General Ledger Payments Team
  • UO General Ledger Capital Accounting

Hints and Tips

For each account, the report prints the account value, description, beginning balance, period activity and ending balance for the period you specify. General Ledger reports show debits as positive amounts and credits as negative amounts.


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