Forms for Employers

Forms for University Departments

RET1(U) Word version- use this form to tell us in advance that a member is retiring. Colleges should use form RET1 (below).

Opting out (all employers)

New joiners of OSPS will be in Investment Builder, which is largely administered by Legal and General. Eligible employees have to be enrolled and they cannot opt out of this advance. There is no paper form they can complete to opt out from the start. Do NOT give them OPT1 as it is no longer valid.

If a new member wants to opt out of Investment Builder from the start they have to wait for their starter letter from Legal and General. They will have about one month from the date of the letter to log on and opt out online and get a refund.

OPT2DC (pdf) - Members can use this form to withdraw from Investment Builder after the above deadline. They will not get a refund. We will not accept this form to opt out from the start. Colleges should send this to us together with OPT3 (pdf).

OPT2 (pdf) - Members can use this form to opt out of the CARE section. If they do this they will NOT be able to rejoin the CARE section. Colleges should send this to us together with OPT3 (pdf).

The remaining forms are largely for use by colleges and other associated participating employers only. Please refer to the OSPS employer guide for help in using these forms.

Forms for new joiners

DC joiner template (xlsx)- use this spreadsheet to notify us of new members of Investment Builder

APP1 (pdf) - only for those still eligible to join the CARE section

Please give new joiners the following forms:

INFSHDC (pdf) - Investment Builder summary for members

NOM1 (pdf) Word version - nomination form for death in service

TVIN1 (pdf) - Transfer in inquiry form (Investment Builder members only)

Leaver forms

LEA1 (pdf) Word version - notification of member leaving scheme

OPT3 (pdf) - notification of withdrawal from OSPS (send with form OPTDC or OPT2)

RET1 (pdf) Word version - advance notification of retirement

RET2 (pdf) - confirmation of member retiring

DTH2 (pdf) - confirmation of death in service

Other forms

ABS1 (pdf) - notification of absence

CHA1 (pdf) - change or verification of personal details

CHA2 (pdf) - change in hours

TVIN1 (pdf) - transfer in inquiry form (Investment Builder members only)


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