Inc and Exp - Donations SOF

Why run this report?

The purpose of the report is to enable users to report on in-year income and expenditure relating to donations together with unspent balances deferred for restricted donations. This information will enable you to check that income has been correctly matched to expenditure during the year and to inform those responsible for using the donations how much they have left to spend.

This report displays a total year to date income and expenditure on C source of funds codes together with the unspent deferred balance where the donation in question is restricted.

How to run this report

This report can be run at any level: divisional, sub-division or department.

You may wish to change the Refresh options, for example to switch off auto-fit.

Enter the following information in the yellow cells:

inc exp donations sof
  • Period Name – should be the period as at the report is run (make sure it is text and not a date).
  • Cost Centre – this may be a specific cost centre, a 2-character department code or a 3-digit sub-division.
  • Organisation – select or enter the if required to restrict to Organisation 10, for example.

Refresh the worksheet

Place the cursor in cell A13

Use the "Get Child Values" option to display the "Leaf" values, i.e. the individual SOF codes

Copy the formula down from cell B13 down to the last cost centre displayed (if it doesn't autofill)

Copy the formula down from cells D13 to I13 down to the last cost centre displayed (if it doesn't autofill)

Refresh the data in the worksheet

Click the "Hide Zeros" button

Save the report with a different name

For full instructions on how to do this see the How To videos here.

Which outputs are available with this report?

The report runs in and produces an output in MS Excel. Use the Save As or Print As options to save to PDF if required.

Which roles have access to this report?

Everyone with access to the SplashGL add-in and has completed the relevant training can access this report.

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