Income and Expenditure PI Cost Centre for Current Month and YTD

Why run this report?

For a mid-level analysis of the income and expenditure transactions within the general ledger displayed for both the current month to date and the financial year to date.

How to run this report

This report can be run at any level: divisional, sub-division or department

Enter the following information in the yellow cells:

ie pi cc curr mth ytd


  • Period Name– should be the period as at the report is run (make sure it is text and not a date)
  • Cost Centre– this may be a division, a 3-digit sub-division, or a 2-character department code
  • Activity– may be left blank, or restricted to e.g. 25 for external trade
  • Source of Funds– may be left blank, or a Source of Funds entered
  • Organisation– may be left blank, or restricted to e.g. 10 for University of Oxford only

You may wish to change the Refresh options, for example to Hide Zeros or to switch off auto-fit

You can use the Burst and Distribution options based on the Cost Centre or Source of Funds fields.

For full instructions on how to do this see the How To videos here.

Refresh the data in the worksheet.

Save the report with a different name.

Which outputs are available for this report?

The report runs in and produces an output in MS Excel. Use the Save As or Print As options to save to PDF if required.

Which roles are available for this report?

Everyone with access to the SplashGL add-in and has completed the relevant training can access this report.

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