Approver details with delegates report

Why review this report?

The report provides details of individuals with access to the approval accounts within eExpenses and forms part of the process for managing delegations of authority. It can be used to:

  • Check delegation of authority for approving expenses (budget-holder approvers and authorised approvers) are appropriate and up to date
  • Check that preview delegates are appropriate and up to date

The following checks should be carried out:

  • Project task budget-holder approvers: a budget-holder approver is required for projects, and should be the Principal Investigator or Top Task Manager in most cases. Confirm an appropriate and current budget-holder is in place. If a project does not have an approver, or the approver is a default (for example PI), the appropriate budget-holder should be added. 
  • Cost centre budget-holder approvers: a budget-holder is optional for cost centres. If relevant, check an appropriate and current budget-holder is in place.
  • Authorised approvers: assigned at level 1 (£0.01), level 2 (£1,000) or level 3 (£10,000) (column O). Ensure updates are made promptly, and approval limits are appropriate.
  • Preview delegates (column P set to ‘no’): delegates can review claims in the approval queue and add comments or return to the claimant, or review claims that have been approved. 

When should you review this report?

  • The report is included on the User Access Dashboard distributed monthly to departments
  • The report should be reviewed at least quarterly, but monthly is preferable to ensure that key roles are kept up to date
  • It may be useful to review the report when relevant members of staff join or leave the department to ensure that access is updated promptly to avoid delays to expense claims

How to run the report

In addition to receiving a distributed version of this report, BI Managers can run it using the following parameters:

  • Approver Type: mandatory. Select to view Authorised Approvers and/or Budget Holder Approver.
  • Organisation: mandatory. Each selection will populate a list of departments that are within that organisation therefore multi-selection is not possible.
  • Department: optional. Your report will return data relevant to claimants for whom you are the BI Manager. 
Screen showing options to select Approver Type: either Authorised Approver or Budget Holder Approver
Screen showing options to select Organisation and, or Department

Which roles have access to this report?

BI Manager

Hints and Tips

  • BI Managers are assigned to claimants in departments and can view data on those claimants (not on transactions charged to the department)
  • Only one BI Manager can be set up per department and are assigned at department level (there is no hierarchy in eExpenses to link departments to divisions or subdivisions)
  • Column I (Approver SSO) is the cross reference for Oracle Financials

Report output example (PDF).

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