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eExpenses go-live for your department or college

SAP Concur eExpenses is now live in Social Sciences division.  It is also available to the rest of the University but individual departments and participating colleges are choosing when to introduce it, in the window until the existing offline form is retired at Easter 2022.  Do not start using eExpenses until you hear from your department or college that you should do so.  If in doubt, check with your finance or admin team

Please contact SAP Concur 24/7 support on 0800 389 8758 if you need help using eExpenses



Data on expenses exists in two systems:

  • Oracle Financials: primary record of the transaction as reflected in the financial statements or reported to funders
  • SAP Concur eExpenses: source data, including more detail on individual items and supporting evidence

Further information about reports customised for the University, including the purpose of each report, how to run it and a sample of the output is available via the menu to the left of this page.

If departments run their own eExpenses reports, these may not reconcile to expenses data in Oracle or provided on dashboards because:

1) In eExpenses, departments can run reports on claimants belonging to their department, not on transactions charged to their department. For example, if a Chemistry academic legitimately submits an expense claim to be charged to the Physics department, the transaction is approved by Physics, shows on Oracle as charged to Physics accounts, and appears on Physics Oracle reports and dashboards. However, it will appear in eExpenses reports run by Chemistry (not Physics). 

2) If a claim is exported from SAP Concur eExpenses with an invalid code, it will not import to Oracle. If corrected by updating the code in Oracle, this will result in a mismatch between Oracle and eExpenses.


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By August 2021, departments will have access to expenses information via the following dashboards and tools:

  • User Access Dashboard: information on approvers, Preview Delegates and BI Managers. Review of this data forms part of process for managing access to eExpenses
  • Month-End Dashboard: brings together data from Oracle and eExpenses allowing departments and divisions to take assurance over compliance with the Expenses Policy and principles, the efficiency of the process, and that approvers are carrying out checks appropriately
  • Reports Analysis and Action Tool: information on expense claims not yet submitted or submitted and in the workflow to prompt approval where appropriate, or inform accrual calculations or budget monitoring


See the Dashboards webpage.

In addition to receiving information via the distributed dashboards, departments can run reports directly from SAP Concur by setting up a BI Manager (see Managing access to eExpenses for information about how to do this). Please note:

  • Only one BI Manager can be set up per department
  • BI Managers are assigned to claimants in departments and can view data on those claimants (not on transactions charged to the department)
  • Only one BI Manager can be set up per department and are assigned at department level (there is no hierarchy in eExpenses to link departments to divisions or subdivisions)
  • BI Managers have access to all standard reports available within eExpenses but, due to the way the University has implemented the system, it is not always straightforward to interpret data so caution is recommended

The BI Manager Reporting QRG (Quick Reference Guide) (PDF) includes information on how to run reports. 


Claimants and their delegates, approvers and preview delegates are able to review details of relevant claims via screen enquiries. For example, a claimant can view their own claims while an approver and  preview delegate can view claims in their approval queue or claims that they have already approved. Claims and associated receipts can be viewed online or printed (for example, for audit purposes).


For more information about different roles see Maintaining roles and data in eExpenses.


Use form until you are told to use eExpenses


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