Transactions report

Why review this report?

This report provides an overview of all approved expense claims/transactions in eExpenses that have been exported to Oracle Financials: 

  • To review claims/transactions for analysis or audits
  • Review all claims/transactions that have been approved and sent to Oracle

When should you review this report?

  • The report is included on the Month-End Dashboard distributed monthly to departments
  • The report should be reviewed regularly to support management of expenses

How to run the report

In addition to receiving a distributed version of this report, BI Managers can run it using the following parameters:

  • Sent for Payment Date: add specific dates, or select Earliest Date to Latest Date to capture details of all claims submitted from system go-live to the current date
  • The sent for payment date is the date that the claim is exported from SAP Concur
Screen showing Date Range with Sent for Payment from and to dates from with options to select earliest and latest date

Which roles have access to this report?

BI Manager

Hints and Tips

  • BI Managers are assigned to claimants in departments and can view data on those claimants (not on transactions charged to the department)
  • Only one BI Manager can be set up per department and are assigned at department level (there is no hierarchy in eExpenses to link departments to divisions or subdivisions)
  • The report includes expense transactions that have been approved and exported to Oracle Financials
  • Column I (Claim Key) is the cross reference for Financials

Report output example (PDF).

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