UO Project and Budget report

Why run this report?

  • To check that the set-up and changes to the set-up of projects is in line with their expectations and reconciles to the RPF forms and related correspondence.
  • Project-holding departments can run the report at project level to ensure that the total budgets are correct.
  • Task-holding and relevant project-holding departments can run the report at task level to ensure that individual task budgets are correct, and that other project-specific set-up, e.g. Principal Investigator (PI); task structure, are correct.

When should you run this report?

It is recommended that this report should be run once your Research Accounts Adviser notifies the department that a project has been set up or amended.

How to run this report

Select the following parameters:

uo project and budget

Which outputs does this report have?

•    PDF - a printable and emailable format that cannot be edited.
•    Excel Template - a printable and emailable format that can be edited.  This includes the Excel output for FSG reports.

Which roles have access to this report?

  • UO PA Central Finance SU
  • UO PA Central Finance User
  • UO PA Departmental Enquiry
  • UO PA Departmental User
  • UO PA Project Manager

Hints & Tips

As well as containing a breakdown of budgets and key standing data such as Principal Investigators, start and end dates, sponsor information etc, the report provides information to support coding accuracy: Details of how the Price Adjustment will be applied to FEC awards. On Research Council awards, for example, this is typically 20% but exceptions apply (e.g. equipment, bursaries, surveys) so the report shows which expenditure types will have the exceptional price adjustment applied.

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