UO Project Portfolio with Spend

Why run this report?

For a high-level summary of budgets, expenditure, and commitments across a department's portfolio of projects. It can also inform the budgeting and forecasting cycle as well as other analysis of financial activity across the department's portfolio of projects.

When should you run this report?

It is recommended that the report is run monthly.

The report uses data which is updated overnight so it will not return data for transactions posted on the day the report is run. It should not be run between 11.30pm and 5.00am to ensure accuracy of data.

How to run this report

Select from the following parameters:

uo project portfolio with spend

Note: Enter the appropriate GL Period To as follows:

  • Current month for data as at yesterday
  • Previous month for data as at the end of that month

Which outputs are available for this report?

  • Excel - a simple list of data that can be filtered but has no totals.
  • Excel Pivot - designed to make analysis of the data easier, the default layout can be changed once the report has opened in Excel from this output.

Which roles have access to this report?

  • UO Project Manager
  • UO Projects Departmental Enquiry
  • UO Projects Departmental User


Please note that we started storing Projects commitments data in May 2017. If you run the report to a period prior to May-17, the report will not show any commitments.

Hints and Tips

The report returns separate lines for each project/top task/expenditure category combination. The Pivot format has been supplied to make project-level reporting easier.

Output example: Report output example: UO Project Portfolio with Spend report  (PDF)


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